What Is Involved In The Fitting & Assembly Section Of Production?

What Is Involved In The Fitting & Assembly Section Of Production?

Fitting and assembly are vital stages of production regardless of the project’s complexity. No matter how accurate the manufacturing process, there is always the chance of a mistake occurring during the fitting stage.

Fitting and assembly involves bringing the parts together to create the final product. Sometimes, this stage is left to the client. At Woodley Engineering, we offer a full spectrum of services, including fitting and assembly.

Finishing, Fitting, & Assembly: What Tools Are Involved?

Different methods and tools are required to put the finishing touches to a component.

  • Welding and cutting – TIG, gas, and MIG welding equipment allow fabrication and assembly of spare parts. They can be used with high-power hacksaws and acetylene to achieve the correct joins.
  • Grinding – Cylindrical, surface, and centreless grinding ensures a perfect fit for pistons and sleeves. Surface grinders create sharp edges within the tiniest tolerances.
  • Wire eroding – Inlet and outlet ports can be created on hard chrome plated valve-filling systems using wire-eroding tools.
  • Protective coating – Anodising, iridising, powder coating, and hard chrome plating are applied at the post production finishing stage.
  • Pneumatic and electric tools – These tools, including torque wrenches, are used at the assembly stage.
  • Assembly stations – Special assembly stations are employed for precision assembly.

Eliminating Mistakes At The Fitting & Assembly Stage

The production line assembly process is complex and requires a careful approach. What can be done to eliminate fitting and assembly errors?

  • Use the right tools – Taking advantage of high-quality precision tools keeps the chance of human error to a minimum.
  • Use CAD – Using a simulated computer environment helps anticipate and avoid potential issues on the real assembly line.
  • Don’t leave testing to the last minute – To avoid unpleasant surprises parts should be tested at the design and production stages, not just prior to assembly.

Fitting and assembly involves a professional approach and the right set of tools to achieve high precision. The smallest mistake made at the fitting stage can hinder assembly.

At Woodley Engineering, we don’t just use the latest technologies to manufacture parts for various industries; we take care of the fitting and assembly stages as well.

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