Barloworld Handling Ltd

Barloworld Handling Ltd has used Woodley Engineering for specialist services since 1990. Our requirements range from the production of small, precision items in relative bulk to unique individual items that demand the professionalism and skill we have found at Woodley Engineering.

The engineering requirement may involve a simple repair that can save replacing an expensive item, or often involves manufacturing a completely new item where the existing is beyond repair. In either case, this work is well within the capabilities of Woodley Engineering who also produce drawings of our items for future reference.

Specialist services provided also include welding/fabrication, design and manufacture of components, often as part of a broader engineering solution, as well as the production of special purpose tooling for improving our own workshop efficiency.

The service from Woodley Engineering has always been prompt and courteous and I can thoroughly recommend them to a prospective customer.

Ian Roberts
Customer Service Manager
Barloworld Handling Ltd

Barloworld Handling Ltd

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