Replacement, Reconfiguration & Repair Of Parts For Production Lines & Conveyor Systems

Replacement, Reconfiguration & Repair Of Parts For Production Lines & Conveyor Systems

Finding new solutions for the replacement, reconfiguration, and repair of parts for production lines and conveyer systems may seem time-consuming. As surprising as it may be, the OEM option is not always the best one.

The original equipment manufacturer will produces high-quality parts. However, the time it takes to do it may result in unexpected production line and conveyer system downtime. Meanwhile, the cost for small volumes may be high.

At Woodley Engineering, we produce bespoke equipment parts which comply with the highest standards and manufacturer specifications. The numerous advantages of such parts for production lines and conveyor systems include speed, reasonable cost, flexibility, and reliability.

CNC Turning & Milling – The Key To Precise Bespoke Solutions

As a third party parts’ manufacturer, we know how important the reliability of our products must be. We strive to deliver the necessary parts as fast as possible, thus helping avoid unfortunate downtime.

One of the methods we use to ensure high quality and precision is CNC turning. The material is held in a rotating chuck while a tool shapes it according to the instructions from a computer application.

The latest software is used to create the necessary components for a variety of systems. The computer program allows the machines to make perfect shaping moves. Such an approach removes virtually all chance of making a mistake. The program can be tuned to create any design according to the client’s needs.

CNC milling is a special process which combines the rotation of the part with drilling and cutting. Milling and turning are done by the same CNC equipment. At Woodley Engineering, we use CNC machinery developed by the most respectable manufacturers.

The reliability and speed of parts created by CNC equipment are impressive. The quality of our precision engineered products is on par with your OEM’s products.

Flexibility – Reliability At Its Finest

Replication of specific, high performance parts require a creative approach. Even when the tech drawings of the right spare part are available, creating it is not as straightforward as it seems.

There are numerous methods of turning a part. Sometimes it’s important to use a combination of the latest computer-oriented turning and milling and good old-fashioned manual machining.

Only experienced engineers can quickly come up with the fastest and the most precise solutions for parts manufacturing. While it’s possible to create a component using just one approach, the results may not be as reliable, and they definitely won’t be as fast.

CAD Design – Doing It Right From The Start

An experienced CAD designer is the key to creating perfect parts for numerous applications. Advanced CAD software allows design engineers to create components according to the exact parameters required for the equipment to function properly.

One small mistake made at the design stage leads to huge production errors. CAD allows product testing in a virtual environment in order to avoid such mistakes. Only experienced designers and engineers working as a team can improve the reliability of a product without boosting the cost.

How Can Woodley Engineering Help?

At Woodley Engineering, we specialise in providing the highest quality products for numerous systems and equipment. We have a team of experienced engineers, technicians, and CAD designers who know how to deliver speed and precision.

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