Quality Control

Quality Control

Most of our work involves making parts for our customers to use in their production machines. It is vital that these are produced to the exact specifications requested. Starting with the material, we ensure that the precise description is passed on to our suppliers so that we can make sure that products conform to the requirements. As orders are processed, the material description will be entered onto our database for comparison with the supplier’s delivery note.

Our engineers will produce a drawing if none is supplied which will be submitted with the quotation for the work. This ensures that the instructions have been correctly understood and that we have correctly recorded the dimensions and tolerances of each part. Drawings are then kept with the job description for future production runs.

At the end of each run, the material specification, dimensions and tolerances will be checked against the drawing and the parts will be de-burred manually and thoroughly checked for defects before delivery.

As a fully accredited ISO 9001:2008 company, recently audited in June 2014, we are committed to maintaining a thorough quality control process. All deliveries include a delivery note where defects can be recorded and are then followed by a telephone call or email to confirm that work has been carried out to the standard expected

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