New Hand Finishing Department Established For The Production of Intricate Products

New Hand Finishing Department Established For The Production of Intricate Products

We are glad to announce the establishment of a new hand finishing department. At Woodley Engineering, we have always believed that only a blend of manual and machine-assisted production can enable us to achieve the results our customers expect.

Why Manual Finishing?

For many years, we’ve combined old-fashioned craftsmanship with the latest CNC and CAD technologies to cater to numerous industries. As a third-party parts manufacturer, we know the importance of precision and accuracy. For many projects, neither of the two is possible to achieve without manual finishing.

Increased Capacity

We have expanded our team and the space available in our works in order to handle the increasing demand for high precision components over the past few years. Recently we made a decision to create a department for hand finishing. Our specialist engineers have been working hard to establish a formidable reputation for this work whilst also handling their day to day tasks. The decision to form a special department follows on from a request to manufacture a range of components designed for specific uses in small quantities where automated CNC procedures were not suitable. All of these components will require a great deal of manual work where these experts will focus on what they do best – hand finishing.

The Best Route To Precision

Even though the age of the machines is upon us, hand finishing often becomes vital to completing numerous projects. The best CAD technologies are sometimes unable to finish a task to the project specifications, which then needs a manual approach.

No matter how precisely machined a part is when it comes out of a CNC machine, some burrs tend to remain. A department set up for hand finishing with the specialist tools in place to remove them will increase production rates and reduce the risks of exceeding fine machining tolerances or damaging finished products.

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer our clients a full range of precision engineering related services, starting from planning and ending with high-quality finishing.

In the world of precision engineering, hand-finishing specialists are just as important as designers and machine operators. That’s why our new hand finishing department is set to revolutionise our services, bringing our clients what they really need and much more.

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