Engineering in Reading, Slough, High Wycombe & Berkshire

Engineering in Reading, Slough, High Wycombe & Berkshire

Woodley Engineering offers a rare blend of up to the minute CNC machining technology and old fashioned skills. We can, of course, produce intricately precision machined parts on CNC machining centres, either as a one off or in multiples of many hundreds. Design, drawing and set up time accounts for a large proportion of the production costs on smaller quantities, so for the most cost effective solution, orders of a minimum of 10 are recommended unless a prototype is required pre-production. Alongside these capabilities, we also offer a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers who are capable of manual production of very finely finished parts where accuracy is at a premium. Combining these two different capabilities gives us a very special ability to service a wide variety of production requirements.

If you are looking for specialist parts to incorporate into your designs, we can produce them in a wide range of steels, plastics, nylons or non-ferrous metals. Whether it be bushes, shafts, valves or spacers, serrated tube clamps, heat sinks or specialized fittings, we can manufacture them to your designs and in quantities to suit your production cycles and we can provide coloured coatings, plating and finishes to your specifications.

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