Case Study: The Challenge Of Taking On A New Manufacturing Task

Case Study: The Challenge Of Taking On A New Manufacturing Task

There are many ways we get involved with projects. Sometimes we are asked to look at ways of modifying existing parts to allow new functionality or operation outside of normal scope, sometimes we are asked to repair damaged components, and sometimes we are presented with a series of parts and are asked to replicate them. We would like to share some reflections on a recent project that we feel is revealing about the way we approach engineering challenges. The project was by no means straightforward or plain sailing; but the combination of bespoke service and a flexible application of our experience bought about a satisfactory conclusion.

Replacement Parts

Being asked to replace parts is how a typical project begins, and while we are usually able to see how we can manufacture parts immediately and begin offering proposals to clients, every project is different. The set of parts we were looking at in this case were complex, with tight tolerances and exacting specifications. Our initial thoughts were, due to the design, that it was not something we could do. However, because we always aim to go the extra mile to give clients the service they deserve, we spent some more time with the parts to see if our design team could figure out a solution to this problem.

Finding A Solution

Eventually we did find an engineering solution that allowed us to manufacture the parts. It required small changes in both our processes and our equipment, but those small changes allowed us to do something that we initially thought impossible. This obviously satisfied our clients, but also reminded us of the importance of perseverance when it comes to engineering challenges. It may not always be obvious, but there is usually a solution to be found eventually.

Thinking Outside The Box

Perseverance was particularly important for us in this case, as was the willingness to put orthodoxy aside and think outside the box for an individual solution. At Woodley Engineering, this approach represents our core values and mission; which is to use engineering solutions to overcome challenges our clients face in the most cost-effective way possible.

Rising To The Challenge

Our design team probably like an engineering challenge a little too much sometimes! The ability to work through a seemingly impossible challenge and to use engineering solutions to overcome it is at the core of our business, and what makes us love our industry and relish each new project. However difficult the engineering or parts problems our customers have, we will work through those problems until we find a solution. 

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