Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Our CNC machines carry advanced software capable of taking design specifications from CAD programs, DFX transfers and via a direct programming interface. The screens show a virtual diagram of the machining process so that the operator can double check all processes prior to the start of an operation and they will demonstrate the operation in a virtual display showing the process from start to finish. The operator can see the shape of the finished object and ensure that no errors have been made in the programming before any material has been worked on.

Customers can send designs ready programmed via email straight to the machine which will produce the finished parts. We can also offer CAD drawing facilities if required so that your designs can be transformed into finished products without the need for your own expensive software.

We can engrave part numbers, safety instructions or marks onto the surfaces of your parts during the production process using the fonts embedded in the software. Our finishing processes can colour code marks or engravings to help them stand out.

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